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Interacting with Digital Beings in Public

With “interactive” campaigns now pervasive, this compilation of digital billboards noticed when the context is within populated public spaces.  A British Airways display with a giant billboard child pointing at … Continue reading

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A World of Creators and Backers

Love the design of Kickstarters’ Best of 2012 Site which first slowly takes you through impressive statistics about the extent people are funding each others as creators and then moves to … Continue reading

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Eyewire Game and Exquisite Forest

Citizen scientists and game designers might have had a moment of pride today.  A round of surprised applause for the fact that a neuroscientist game, Eyewire, could temporarily be downed from … Continue reading

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Designing Visual Lingo

A belated link pack with short ruminations: As the saying goes, a picture can convey a thousand words.  Static photos can communicate unexpected concepts like these genetic portraits. I’ve been drawn … Continue reading

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Digital Meets Physical Mashups: New Dawn of Sharing

  After a long posting hiatus, semi-back.  To paraphrase Bre Pattis, “You need to have more than one parent for your digital designs.”  I was happily surprised when a series … Continue reading

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Fabricating Ourselves

When 3D printing meets Kinect meets humans’ love for Polaroid portraits, we witness how Insta-selves could be a future common crowdpleaser. With custom software developed using openKinect and openFrameworks, Be Your Own Souvenir by … Continue reading

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Paths Making Sounds

Walkers, subway riders, and drivers often listen to songs as the soundtrack to their journey.  Wonder what it would sound like if my commute actually made music for me — … Continue reading

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