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On the intersection of technology, culture, and everyday life: My semi-updated space to collect and link my thoughts about interesting things I spot.

Interacting with Digital Beings in Public

With “interactive” campaigns now pervasive, this compilation of digital billboards noticed when the context is within populated public spaces.  A British Airways display with a giant billboard child pointing at … Continue reading

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Designing Visual Lingo

A belated link pack with short ruminations: As the saying goes, a picture can convey a thousand words.  Static photos can communicate unexpected concepts like these genetic portraits. I’ve been drawn … Continue reading

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Matches and Mismatches

Awhile back I had an exchange with one of the OkCupid founders about if there were any ideas from matching algorithms used on dating sites that could translate to models for … Continue reading

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Fabricating Ourselves

When 3D printing meets Kinect meets humans’ love for Polaroid portraits, we witness how Insta-selves could be a future common crowdpleaser. With custom software developed using openKinect and openFrameworks, Be Your Own Souvenir by … Continue reading

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Tableau: Wanting Digital to Be Physical (and Rustically Hip)

Tableau is a nightstand that bridges the physical and digital.  It drops photos it sees from its Twitter feed into its drawer for its owner. Similarly, images placed in its … Continue reading

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Do Not Be Programmed

Two recent books You Are Not A Gadget and Program or Be Programmed raise a common call to action: we must not be complacent about who designs and how they design technology … Continue reading

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Agreed: The World is Full of Interesting Things

For some inspiration,Tom Uglow has a compilation of creativity. 100 + examples of projects that pushed at evolving audio, visuals, physicality, and more.                  … Continue reading

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iPad 3D Light Forms

The folks at BERG and Dentsu are exploring screening surfaces and playing with the popular ‘glowing rectangles’ that inhabit our world. They invented a new photographic/stop-animation technique for making media. … Continue reading

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Globe Genie and Virtual Travel

Near the top of my wish list of devices that I want someone to invent soon is the human transport beam.  As a taste of how awesome that could be, Globe … Continue reading

September 10, 2010 · 1 Comment

Punk’d Augmented

While hunting for a popsicle in Central Park this balmy Saturday, I encountered some bewildered tourists intrigued but confused by this  .  Ironically, it was part of a mobile interactive … Continue reading

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