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People on the Internet remembering someone

Awoke Saturday morning to friends’ FB posts and the beginnings of people, both close and distant to him, navigating how to respond to the sadness of Aaron Swartz‘s passing.  For … Continue reading

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A World of Creators and Backers

Love the design of Kickstarters’ Best of 2012 Site which first slowly takes you through impressive statistics about the extent people are funding each others as creators and then moves to … Continue reading

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Digitally Mediated Snail Mail

 A few months ago, I tried a snail mail to email experiment.  It stemmed from a backyard bbq conversation on how with cell phone texts, email was becoming snail mail, … Continue reading

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Many to One Design

 I’ve started collecting quotes (originals potentially accepted).  One by Ze Frank has stuck in my head recently, “We have a lot of 1:1 design, which is essentially the way we communicate. … Continue reading

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Agreed: The World is Full of Interesting Things

For some inspiration,Tom Uglow has a compilation of creativity. 100 + examples of projects that pushed at evolving audio, visuals, physicality, and more.                  … Continue reading

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Be Extraordinary

 The new year has me cleaning out my cluttered iPhone of underused apps.  One of my favorites from 2009 that will remain on screen 1 is The Extraordinaries.   Fusing crowdsourcing … Continue reading

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Netflix Challenge Prize vs. Human Computational Games to Improve Relevance

 The nail biting "end" to the epic Netflix Challenge has been widely covered over the last few days. Cited as an example of prize economics and the crowdsourcing of innovation, … Continue reading

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Making Twitter Meaningful

 The viral Twouble with Twitters has gotten some acknowledging laughs.  Funny men Jon Stewart and Colbert have also recently joked about the seemingly useless time suck and stream of information.  But as … Continue reading

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ARGs for Collective Innovation: Ruby’s Bequest Raising Up 1000 Voices

While slowly attracting participants with hints of whats to come and with virtual coins to begin seeding content, today Ruby's Bequest fully launched with a challenge to players to find … Continue reading

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WePC : Crowdsourcing Ideas and Opinions for the Future PC

    Picking the brains of consumers and American-Idol-style public voting is an increasingly popular strategy for market research and for "community engagement" (see previous Starbucks post).  ASUS and Intel have teamed … Continue reading

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