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Touring Space From Earth

Not sure when it will be that I can take a trip into space.  In the meantime, I’ve been loving the series of “home videos” from the international space station.  With space hair to die for, Commander Sunita William’s tour and tidbits about things like sleeping in any direction, give an approachable perspective to what seems so out of reach.

Various people have edited and remixed photos taken by the crew of the space station; transforming the astronauts’ photos into videos and their own interpretations of views from the space they themselves have never visited.

Each of these videos is a unique space journey of pieced and re-pieced together images for its maker;  wonder how much it satisfies for them the feeling of being a space explorer.  Another video journey here.

More photos from astronauts are findable at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography.   And for those who enjoy space shuttles wherever they are, there’s even an artful time lapse of the Endeavor here on earth.

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