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A World of Creators and Backers

Love the design of Kickstarters’ Best of 2012 Site which first slowly takes you through impressive statistics about the extent people are funding each others as creators and then moves to images of specific projects across months of the year that made me smile.  Over 2 million people from 90% of the countries in the world pledged over $319M towards the successful funding of over 18,000 projects.  kickstarter stats

kickstarter stats 2

From expecteds, like sundance films, to the more surprising and inventive – like civilian space suits, a bus stop, air quality eggs, the Griz Coat for better bear hugs, it can be fascinating to browse through that microcosm of the world (imagine some sociology phds are on it).

kickstarter space suit

Wonder if compiled with data across other crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo, Rockethub, and Some Start Good  what the fuller picture of types of projects supported and number of individual backers would look like.  With a fair number of new sites encouraging people to invest in each other (some with new loan models like Pave) the summary of 2013 patterns and highlights will be something interesting to look out for.

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