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The Most Touching Places On The Internet?

ImageAs the new year comes, wanted to highlight some smile and happiness sparking spots on the internet.  Everyone deserves a hug.  Visit The Nicest Place On The Internet to give or get one.  I don’t want it to be dethroned, but do hope there will be more and more nice places on the web trying to feel and be felt in the Cloud.   The uniqueness and time-invested nature of hand-written letters can be comforting. Visit Snail Mail My Email to view some or volunteer for the next letter writing week.   Even automated gestures might be a small pick-me-up.  At Emergency Compliment you can receive witty lines to help your psyche on crapped days (and even print out the one that works best).  More humorous than touching, for a one button click boost, visit Make Everything Ok.  Let me know of more places on the interwebs like these to visit.

A prediction I hope will come true:  There are many beautiful and happy ways in which the web will enable strangers to touch strangers or for strangers to become collaborators in jointly touching specific someones.

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