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Fabricating Ourselves

fabricatingourselvesWhen 3D printing meets Kinect meets humans’ love for Polaroid portraits, we witness how Insta-selves could be a future common crowdpleaser.

With custom software developed using openKinect and openFrameworks, Be Your Own Souvenir by Blablablab let people pose and generate action-figures of themselves.  Three kinect sensors captured 360 degree scans of each person.  Meshlab used the combined input pointclouds to create a Poisson reconstruction (cleaned via Blender and Skeinforge) before sent to print.

Also using Kinect, the Fabricate Yourself project by Karl D.D. Willis captured peoples’ forms and turned them into peices of a giant jigsaw puzzle (related paper on interactive fabrication).

With the price point of 3D printers going down, imagine we’ll be seeing more varients on these tangible representations of self.  To my friends designing that mega candy store, I think 3D printing of visitors into candy statues would be a hit.


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