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Tableau: Wanting Digital to Be Physical (and Rustically Hip)

Tableau is a nightstand that bridges the physical and digital.  It drops photos it sees from its Twitter feed into its drawer for its owner. Similarly, images placed in its drawer are posted to its Twitter (scanner/printer discreetly inside).

Tableau's maker, John Krestner, calls it an anti-computer experience. Seems like many people and projects are craving rustic wood and the physical charm of pre-internet days. (Not so oddly mirroring the vintage aesthetic currently trendy in brooklyn bars). is another tangible interface project that favors physical photos and wooden devices.  The Photo Plus machine plays back digital audio stories about physical photos (simply tagged using unique QR codes to recognize each photo). Phtopl

Jumping back to Krestner, he may have a market when he commercializes some of his supermachanical projects.  Made of leather rather than wood, check out his beautiful Proverbial Wallets that provide tactile feedback on our electronic money transaction and balances.


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