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Many to One Design

LifeEdited I’ve started collecting quotes (originals potentially accepted).  One by Ze Frank has stuck in my head recently, “We have a lot of 1:1 design, which is essentially the way we communicate. We have a lot of 1:M design, which is most of the design industry. We’re starting to see M:M design, which is a lot of the collaboratively creative projects. What I’d like to see more of is M:1 design where a lot of us come together and we try to solve one particular problem in a single person’s life, like: Make Mike less lonely! …many of us have similar problems – so says The Google – but the devil’s in the details and I think it would be inspiring to see a whole bunch of talented designers try to deal with the minutia of a single person’s interest – not designing for the middle but one very particular point…  it would be inspiring to see all those lenses focus their attention on a single thing that at first glance might seem ordinary…”  In the realm of advertising and entertainment, a few reality tv-esque projects have broadcasted and put individuals’ life decisions at the whim of crowd twitter suggestions (Dating Brian, David on Demand).  Closer to many-to-one design that aims for thoughtful answers is LifeEdited.  TreeHugger founder Graham Hill is challenging the public to help him radically reduce his footprint and live happily with less space (420 sf apartment) and less stuff.  So far, I like this transformer tablebed, which runs up and down on four pipes spending the day up at the ceiling.


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