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Globe Genie and Virtual Travel

Globegenie (1)Near the top of my wish list of devices that I want someone to invent soon is the human transport beam.  As a taste of how awesome that could be, Globe Genie is a simple virtual version.  Hitting a Shuffle button moves you to a different Google Street View around the world.  The shuffle doesn't favor big city tourist destinations, often landing on mundane open roads and suburbs.  On the opposite end of the travel speed spectrum, this Google Map road trip was another experiment in virtual travel (they inched along roads across states by pressing the arrow key forward).  Both projects spark thoughts about the extent and limits of our virtually travelable world (e.g. sight-seeing temporal moments as current) and the regions still unaccessible, even with virtual transport beams. 


One comment on “Globe Genie and Virtual Travel

  1. Guggenheim Museum New York
    February 9, 2011

    An innovative idea indeed and you shared some interesting thing out there. Appreciate your work and keep sharing your information.

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