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Punk’d Augmented

While hunting for a popsicle in Central Park this balmy Saturday, I encountered some bewildered tourists intrigued but confused by this 
QR Code Central Park .  Ironically, it was part of a mobile interactive boardgame  meant to raise awareness and engagement with Central Park.  Ended up verbally explaining the concept of QR codes, rather then demonstrating, as for some reason my reader wasn’t registering the code.  (My favorite exploration/”deep mapping” project remains one of the pioneers Yellow Arrow.)  

Confusion isn’t likely a design intention of the Central Park game’s creators, however confusion (leading to self-examination) is the primary objective of an augmented reality PSA (almost like a technology enhanced Punk’d/Candid Camera) in the Netherlands.  Using an interactive billboard to augment a live, crowded street curb with a violent incident, onlookers see a “mirror” of their own reactions to a violent act being committed in front of them and gawking vs. action to help the victims. 


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