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Re-interpreting Code: Twitter to Embroider & Html to Create Music

Pa++tern Codeorgan Code is often invisible and (perhaps with the exception of programmers) rarely perceived as beautiful.  Pa++ern and Codeorgan create playful interactions with code, and remind us that codes are human constructed symbol systems that can be re-purposed and evolve over time.  Pa++ern is a programming language for embroidery that can be sent over Twitter.  The code is purposely short, an entire program can fit in the 140 character limit of Twitter.  Moreover, aside from the embroidery generated, the language is designed to make the appearance of the program itself looked pleasing.  On the audio end of things, codeorgan is a Flash app that turns any web page into music. An algorithm translates the text within a URL page into a musical composition.  All my websites sound different; not sure how to interpret that.  


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