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Cell Phone Magic

HD Camera TrickAugmented Reality Magic Magicians are exploring a new prop, cell phones.  In single, unedited phone cam shots, perceptions are foiled with ironically low-tech tactics.  One popular trick has been the disappearing Samsung HD phone ad challenge with associated reveal.  One man has branded himself as a virtual magician and recently taken more hi-tech twists. His deft card tricks are enhanced by augmented reality (supported largely by free tools).  For me, there is something less mysterious about the technology enhanced part.  As with most 2.0 things, this 2.0 magician also wants to know what viewers think.  


One comment on “Cell Phone Magic

  1. new balance
    September 15, 2010

    Even himself into a peck of dirt, as long as it is in truth to the avenue, let their partners, boldness and also the biggest happiness.Do you think so?

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