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Whopper Sacrefice: How Valuable Are Your Facebook Friends

WHOPPER Sacrifice was short-lived.  The app let people cash in their FB friends. 10 deleted friends = 1 free Whopper.  Facebook disabled the app after the desire for a free burger proved stronger then 233,906 friendships.  One fan documented his trade, so folks can still watch a profile going under in flames.  Those de-friended can also still send angry-grams.

Some fun valuation methodologies of Facebook were calculated based on the Whopper.  From a social capital perspective, does make you think about the relative values of your virtual connections.  Wonder whether those more liberal with the Ignore button were less likely to sacrefice their friends, than those with 100s of connections.  Or whether people would be as ready to sacrefice their LinkedIn vs Twitter vs ? network. 


One comment on “Whopper Sacrefice: How Valuable Are Your Facebook Friends

  1. Hoonnawag
    December 13, 2011

    Angry Birds

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