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Election Visualizations

SocialMediaProminence Am still high from the incredible energy last night – people gathered togather cheering, hugging, body surfing, and climbing statues to celebrate the political process.  As many have mentioned, in this historic election a variety of grassroots and corporate social media tools galvanized and organized people to participate beyond being campaign ATM machines.

The data visualization that happened also enabled a better understanding of the complexity going on (beyond what beamed in hologram correspondants could verbally describe).

TakeAwaysPredictorTracker Like TakeAway's embeddable widget with an interactive overview of predicted electorial votes, based on results from different news agencies.  And the data visualizations at Many Eyes attempting to make patterns in earmarks, blog comments, contributions, etc more disgestible (and accessible to generate).

Some were primarily pretty, but many served both asthetic and informative functions.  (More examples here and here)ObamaJobArcsDonationsmccainvsobama


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2008 by in Visualization.
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