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WePC : Crowdsourcing Ideas and Opinions for the Future PC

Waterprooflaptop   ZeroMonitor  Minrotate

Picking the brains of consumers and American-Idol-style public voting is an increasingly popular strategy for market research and for "community engagement" (see previous Starbucks post).  ASUS and Intel have teamed up on to let the public share what their ideal computer would be like.  Visitors can upload, comment, and vote on proposals (ads for and links to buy ASUS computers are interspersed inbetween). 

A few have included sketches (at varying levels of sophistication) to explain holographic displays, water proofing, etc.  I like the proposal that already has 212 votes, the Future Proof PC.  Quoting dtoid_TheBez,"I would really like to see a pc that is close to future proof.  While this idea may be impossible, having to replace a laptop every 2-5 years can get quite expensive."   


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This entry was posted on October 31, 2008 by in Crowdsourcing, Design.
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