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Real or Virtual or Both?

avatarsuit virtualreal2virtualreal

What’s more real? what’s in your mind? displayed in pixels? or what’s physically in front of you?  Manifastations and manipulations of our digital selves and possessions has created efforts to confront, examine, and play with the notion of convergences into the physical world.

Some examples that have caught my eye:

Choreographed photos showing real people and objects engaged in virtual abilities (see “” image).  Social systems/processes/transactions that move from the virtual to real world (see Invisible Threads’ real-life, custom-ordered jeans produced in a virtual Second Life sweatshop).  Products that enable people to experience their virtual identities on their physical identities (see Marc Owens’ avatar suits, the contrast between real bodies and desired avatars deserves its own post.)


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This entry was posted on October 2, 2008 by in Culture and New Media, Psychogeographies, User Experience.
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