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Seriosity and Productivity Games

SeriositySeriosity is applying video game and economic concepts to solve the common problem of overflowing email boxes.  According to its site, information overload costs companies $588 billion.  It’s product, Attent, creates virtual currency to prioritize emails.  Have not tried the service and am curious how they mitigate gaming of the system (people assigning values to get messages opened that do not necessarily correlate to a recipient’s valuation).  Also wonder, if most people value average messages similarly, how significantly it improves upon the current simpler filter of "red flags" marking "very important" messages. Perhaps game influenced design elements create the right social dynamics and incentives? 

Game systems have interesting potential when applied to various sectors of the economy (see previous posts on Fold It! and games on gwap as well as posts on Games for Change.)   A recent Google Testing Blog post further discusses (and seeks comment) on the idea of productivity games.


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This entry was posted on June 30, 2008 by in Games, Social Media Networks.
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