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OX-2 w/ Dual Touchscreen Seeking Copy Cats





second generation OX laptop evoked a wow from first world citizens (a repeat of their Give 1, Get 1 campaign would probably do well).  Positioned horizontally, the design acts like an iTouch laptop.  Flipped vertically, the interface becomes right and left page (like a book).  Hinged flat, the continuous
surface can be used in tablet mode (to play games like pong).  Half the size of the original, it aims to use only 1 watt of energy and cost $75 (OX-1remained $88 above its goal). As noted by gizmodo, this time the prototype was displayed early and copy cats were encouraged…a better strategy to hit its release targets?


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This entry was posted on May 27, 2008 by in New Media Technology and Development.
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