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Design Probes

Designprobes_1Wireless stick-on sensors as body adornment, dresses that allow physiology and environments to interact usings patterns and colors, electronic tatoos that visualize emotional shifts — perhaps coming soon to a store near you?  Philipsdesign probes are meant to shake up their innovation process and generate insights into whether some  “far future” trends might become mainstream.  DesignProbes
Recently, quite a few major companies have opened their nacent R&D ideas up to the public for feedback. Starbucks, ever so good at getting press (even for barista trainings), launched My Starbucks Idea.  Philips’ feedback mechanism is less buzz provoking (not a digg-like social network) but its survey does ask the public to rate the appeal and relevance of its design research.


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This entry was posted on April 27, 2008 by in Crowdsourcing, Culture and New Media, Visualization.
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