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Kluster: Crowdsourcing for Innovation

Project_detail_2 Kluster, already receiving much buzz, is one of the latest websites harnessing the wisdom of the masses.  Unlike digg, wikipedia, or youtube, aside from allowing participants to post and vote, from the get go this social network is translating collaborative user-generated sparks into real dollars and products.  Anyone can post ideas or invest watts in (hopefully) winning ideas that are financially rewarded by businesses seeking crowd sourced solutions. 

There are various recent examples of sites forging a more direct connection between longtail producers and funders (Kiva), customers (Etsy), or collaborators (Netsquared mashup challenge).  Kluster’s "advanced algorithm" for decision making, hipster language, and clean interface may differentiate it from other sites similarly seeking to facilitate community generated solutions for big industry (see also InnoCentive and Cambrian House).  Will be curious to see whether it produces new taste tests vs. breakthrough drugs.  Let 1000 flowers bloom.


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