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FreeRice : Game for Grain

I’m hooked on

FreericeSince its launch on October 7, the internet-based game (created for the UN World Food Program) has already raised over 1 billion grains of rice (enough to feed 50,000 people for one day).  Making points meaningful, every correct click to a vocab question leads to a donation of 10 grains of rice (nicely visualized by your filling bowl). 

What’s compelling about the site is not only that it simultaneously targets improving literacy and solving world hunger.  It’s also one of the best examples I’ve seen that moves people seamlessly from awareness, to engagement, and impact.  Interesting too is its funding model.  Unlike many social issue games, this one fully embraces the private sector model of eyeballs = money.  When people play the game, ads appear on the bottom of their screen.  The money generated by these ads is then used to purchase rice for the hungry.   


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