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Creators Unlimited

Plugging a bit for a showcase my friends at Tomorrow Unlimited are producing, The Creators Series.  This weekend in NYC (and next weekend in L.A.) they’ve pulled together a diverse collection of creative creators. 

"New Urban Interventionist" Paul Moose Curtis creates reverse graffiti using a shoebrush and water (tagging while cleaning on a grand scale). Lasorgraffeti_2

The Graffiti Research Lab takes a more high tech approach, tagging buildings with lazors.

Theo Watson creates social interfaces tying the virtual and the physical.  Vinyl Workout, a giant record projected on the floor, is played by running around on its surface (quick movie)Vinylworkout.
Meanwhile, Jonathan Harris’ social interfaces happen online.  We Feel Fine makes visual (and lets browers "play" with) patterns in the emotions that are expressed online in blogs. 

It’s a nicely curated mixture of creators worth checking out.


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