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Online Networking to a $7777 Trip Around The World

A fellow New Yorker is asking for $11.11 donations to help fund his "world project" — his seven month trip, traversing seven continuents, diving in seven oceans, and visiting seven ancient wonders of the world.  (Um, sign me up.)  So far he’s raised over $2,500. 

Luckofseven Cleaver ways to get trips sponsored is not new.  A couple generated much publicity from Wal-Marting Across America. I wouldn’t be surprised if a traveler who aimed to visit flagship McDonalds as his path across the world got some funding from the golden arches. 

Mr. Hildago’s itinerary doesn’t include chain stores.  Instead he’s built a website, on the luck of seven, and is  collecting funds by playing on online social neworking ties and new media.  He will use blogs, vlogs, wiki, and flickr to document his journey.  Couchsurfing, twitter, myspace, and facebook will support his accomodations, activities, and experiences along the way.  He’s already used as a promotional tool.  In return, he notes that "your stories, your connections, and your friends come together into OUR story."  (Yes, the funds also help support his book).  Hope he makes his journey. 


One comment on “Online Networking to a $7777 Trip Around The World

  1. noneck noel
    June 3, 2007

    thanks for the shout out! is just one of the social networking site. the following is a complete list of sites i’ve been using…
    – flickr
    – facebook
    – couchsurfing
    – twitter
    – myspace
    also, if you’re looking for a good primer on how to use social networking sites for fundraising check out

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