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In Case You Missed the Music in Real Life

The Washington Post conducted a little experiment.  During the rush of morning subway station traffic, they tested who would notice and stop for the rare, free sounds of one of the world’s finest classical violinists, Joshua Bell.  (Watching this virtuoso perform live  would normally cost over 100 bucks). 

Partly experiment in the recognization of beauty in unexpected context, the sad result was that only 7 out of the 1,070 people who passed by Joshua stopped to take in the performance.  I hope most people’s excuse was loud earbuds.  Those who walked past the performance can get a hint of what they missed (reverse, replay, and rewind) on the streaming videos, weaved very nicely with the story on
the Post’s website.


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This entry was posted on April 10, 2007 by in Culture and New Media.
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