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Web 2.0-ing His Life

Jeremy College senior Jeremy David is conducting an experiment.  He is ""installing Web 2.0" into his life and open sourcing his everyday decisions to the public via his website.  The only life choices off limits are who he hearts and unreasonable actions (he is not a hit man).  So far, his choice of Halloween costume, a dragon, drew a scant 10 voters.  However, he seems to be very conscious about building a buzz machine and is proactive about getting attention (by emailing prominent bloggers and even Oprah).  We’ll see if he builds up a Lonelygirl15-like following.

About the same time last year, a young guy from Hoboken NJ with a day job in computers Web 2.0-ed his wardrobe. His site let people vote on each piece of the outfit he would wear each day (miraculously he usually matched).  Within a few months he was discovered by the media circuit (and began receiving calls from clothing companies offering some fashionable additions to his closet).

Welcome to American’s Next Top … web 2.0 style.


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This entry was posted on October 27, 2006 by in Culture and New Media, Social Media Networks.
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