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Green Blogging About Her Best Friend’s Wedding

Travel channel (or reality show) watchers have another option to follow over the next month, Barbara Haddrill.

The plot summary:

  • A committed environmentalist lives in the UK
  • A best friend’s wedding is 10,000 miles away in Brisbane Australia
  • Air-based travel would create 5.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions while land-based travel would create a calculated 1.4
    tonnes of CO2
  • What’s a girl to do?

This environmentalist decided to set up a blog, "Babs to Brisbane", chronicling her experience taking methods less destructive (and convenient).  Already, she is attracting supporters and critics.

One of the most inspirational individuals I’ve ever met, John Francis never wrote a blog about his personal choices.  Then again, this was the 1970s, before email, to say nothing of Blogger, reached livingrooms.   After witnessing an oil spill, John decided to live car-free (and talking-free) for 17 years.  Once, even when injured, he refused an ambulance — intent on walking to the hospital instead.  He founded a nonprofit called PlanetWalk and in 1991 was appointed a UN Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador (he had started talking again by then).  By living what he preached, he eventually attracted admirers without using his voice, much less the Internet. 

Now a new generation of environmentalists is being noticed even before they take action.  With RSS and whisper-down-the-Web, we can quickly follow these potentially equally inspiring figures.


One comment on “Green Blogging About Her Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. honda-radio
    February 17, 2008

    Thx! 🙂

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