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Reinventing Wine Jugs

I’m a big fan of sidewalk picking as a frugal but potentially chique home furnishing option.  My previous apartment had the inside of a piano for a coffee table, stone slabs as kitchen counters, and hammocks repurposed as indoor seating.  Equally cool (and potentially cleaner) picking can happen from one’s own trashcan. 
While perusing online for a desk for my new apartment, I stumbled on Carlo Rossi’s JugSimple (via Treehugger).  Stylish couches, sounds systems, and even chandeliers are weaved together with empty wine jugs.  How-to videos demonstrate Rossi’s "Art of Simplism" ("using what you already have to create something new and practical.") Aside from being nice rebranding, playing on the past popularity of his vintage TV commercial, these new streaming videos show customers how to recycle and home decorate (after buying some Rossi wine). 


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This entry was posted on July 24, 2006 by in Social Enterprise.
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