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Green Cookies: Good Inside and Out

My boyfriend’s nickname for me (appropriately bestowed on a girl who enjoys at least one cookie or brownie per day) is Sweets.  Wandering around the East Village, my bakery radar spotted  Build a Green Bakery


The sustainable, renewable materials of its store matches the philosophy in the organic ingredients of its cookies.  A floor of cork, wall of wheat, and counter of recycled denim make for a surprisingly appealing asthetic.  (The chocolate chip cookies are pretty tasty as well.)

Staying on the cookie topic, other entrepreneurs have similarly changed the baking of a cookie to effect more than just tastebuds.  Boston’s Dancing Deer Baking Company meshes its founders’ concern over poverty into the dough of its cookies.  Aside from providing work opportunities, its Sweet Home Project donates 35% of profits to help homeless families.


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This entry was posted on June 29, 2006 by in Social Enterprise.
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