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Web Searches for Visual Learners

"Googled" may have entered the dictionary, but the company that now doubles as a verb has yet to make its simple text-based design the new cool for online research.  While googling for a project on video games, I stumbled across this neat spatial feature on cnet.  The hits were not completely relevant to my search (often neither is google), but for this visual learner, the connecting bubbles engaged additional clicking and delayed a need for a study break.  For those whose eyes glaze over at the sight of identically sized font, luckily the future of digital searching still has no definitive standard. 

I can usually picture where on a page I read something (though sometimes I can’t remember the information).  Perhaps that’s why I find comfort that beyond the fictional Matrix, techies are developing other ways to represent the growing chaos of 0s and 1s in the digital universe.  In three years, perhaps tools such as tag clouds will not only transform the digital visual landscape, but also demonstrate that the current norm of algorithmic-based ranking of importance still has room for a human touch.   


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This entry was posted on December 12, 2005 by in Culture and New Media.
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