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Contagious Stickering

Obeygiant1Established is the familiar face of Obey Giant on the sides of buildings, poles, benches, and other street surfaces.  With the Net, what started as part of skateboard subculture, as a means for art, individual expression, (and fun) has increasingly become a form of connection and collective action.  Yellowarrow_1Now stickering mixes with cell phone text messaging.  Perhaps one of the best examples is The Yellow Arrow Project which lets people show and share, gives a way to let others ‘see what I see’. 

EarthticketsTaking a page from the artistic and cultural phenomenon of street stickering (downloading, peeling, and sticking), a group called Earth on, frustrated by SUVs and environmental policies, have been taking creative action.   At their website, for $1.50 visitors can print out a fake parking ticket (with information about why SUV’s suck) and join the movement. Whether this creates converts or just pisses people off can be debated.  One thing is for sure, they got free press coverage.



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This entry was posted on November 16, 2005 by in Art and Activism.
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