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Better Missions for Drones

There are sad stories about the destructive physical and psychological impacts of drones at war.   During the holidays the Mistletoe Drone aimed for the opposite application, targeting individuals in order to … Continue reading

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Interacting with Digital Beings in Public

With “interactive” campaigns now pervasive, this compilation of digital billboards noticed when the context is within populated public spaces.  A British Airways display with a giant billboard child pointing at … Continue reading

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After months pause from blogging, this IF yes THEN what? tumblr offers a series of sweet sentiments as a return.  While moving a turtle can be enticing, teaching core principles of coding … Continue reading

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Touring Space From Earth

Not sure when it will be that I can take a trip into space.  In the meantime, I’ve been loving the series of “home videos” from the international space station. … Continue reading

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People on the Internet remembering someone

Awoke Saturday morning to friends’ FB posts and the beginnings of people, both close and distant to him, navigating how to respond to the sadness of Aaron Swartz‘s passing.  For … Continue reading

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A World of Creators and Backers

Love the design of Kickstarters’ Best of 2012 Site which first slowly takes you through impressive statistics about the extent people are funding each others as creators and then moves to … Continue reading

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The Most Touching Places On The Internet?

As the new year comes, wanted to highlight some smile and happiness sparking spots on the internet.  Everyone deserves a hug.  Visit The Nicest Place On The Internet to give or … Continue reading

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Eyewire Game and Exquisite Forest

Citizen scientists and game designers might have had a moment of pride today.  A round of surprised applause for the fact that a neuroscientist game, Eyewire, could temporarily be downed from … Continue reading

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Designing Visual Lingo

A belated link pack with short ruminations: As the saying goes, a picture can convey a thousand words.  Static photos can communicate unexpected concepts like these genetic portraits. I’ve been drawn … Continue reading

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Matches and Mismatches

Awhile back I had an exchange with one of the OkCupid founders about if there were any ideas from matching algorithms used on dating sites that could translate to models for … Continue reading

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